Fishing Anna Maria Island

The waters surrounding Tampa Bay, Florida produce a variety of game fish year-round. Below is the short summary of some of the area's most popular fish species and their attributes. More information on Fishing Tampa Bay, Florida:


Fight - It is a tough fighter on light tackle. Hook up and runs are awesome!
Size and Season - Ranges between 5-40 lbs. Peak Season is April through September.
Food - Absolutely best eating fish in the sea!!


Tarpon Tarpon Snook Tarpon Permit Fight - Florida's number one gamefish!! Once hooked they put up a stubborn and spectacular fight, often leaping up to 10 feet out of the water.
Size and Season - Ranges between 80-150 lbs. Best caught May through September.
Food - These fish are usually caught and released to fight another day.


Fight - Most exciting fish to hook and catch. Explosive runs and jumps!
Size and Season - Ranges between 2-20 lbs. Can be caught year round.
Food - An excellent table fish with delicate, white flaky meat.

Redfish (red drum):

Fight - It is a strong hard fighter when hooked. Most tenacious!
Size and Season - Ranges between 2-12lbs. Can be caught year round.
Food - Fine eating, especially "blackened".

Spotted Seatrout:

Fight - Fun to hook and catch. Great on ultra-light tackle.
Size and Season - Ranges between 1-5 lbs. Year round favorite, best months are October through April.
Food - Great in the frying pan!


Cobia Trout Fight - Highly rated, hard-hitting game fish that is prone to long, powerful, determined runs and occasional leaps. Often when hooked an entire school will surface along with it.
Size and Season - Ranges between 10-60 lbs. Year round favorite in Tampa Bay waters!
Food - They rate high as table fare.

Kingfish (king mackerel):

Fight - Smoking runs! Known to unspool 200 yards of line in seconds.
Size and Season - Ranges between 10-60 lbs. Found in large schools during the spring and fall runs.
Food - Great grilled, fried and smoked!!

Spanish Mackerel:

Fight - Excellent game fish. Catch up to 50 fish per day.
Size and Season - Ranges between 1-5 lbs. Can catch most of the year, peaking in the winter months.
Food - Good for you!


Fight - Good light light-tackle game fish that provides lively action.
Size and Season - Ranges between 1-5 lbs. Year round favorite.
Food - It is an excellent food fish; the flesh is white firm, and succulent!


Kingfish Flouder Fight - Great site casting fish!! They may look like a lazy, slow fish floating at the surface, but they can move quickly when they strike, and can exhibit surprisingly powerful lunges and occasional jumps when hooked.
Size and Season - Ranges between 3-30 lbs. Cool weather favorite.
Food - White, fine textured fillets are excellent eating.


Fight - Hard fighting, highly rated game fish.
Size and Season - Can be caught up to 100 lbs. This is a summer time thrill!
Food - Good eating if properly prepared.


Snapper Grouper Fight - Strong fighters on light tackle. Normally associated with reefs and wrecks.
Size and Season - 2-25 lbs. Year round fun.
Food - Flesh is firm and white. Great baked, pan sautéed or broiled!!


Fight - Fierce strikes and strong fighters. They will take you into the rocks if you are not careful!
Size and Season - 5-50 lbs. Year round bottom fishing fun.
Food - Grouper sandwich anyone? You will find this fish in most of Florida's seafood restaurants.

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